Unisex Cork & Wood Bezel Dial Wrist Watch

Unisex Cork & Wood Bezel Dial Wrist Watch

Distinctive watch with wood grain face and adjustable cork leather wrist strap will look stunning on man or woman. This watch has the look of no other watch!  Cork leather is vegan, sustainable and anti-microbial.  It won’t stain and you can wash it with soap and water (be careful not to get the watch itself wet - the watch is not water resistant!)

The term bezel refers to the ring on the top side of the watch. The bezel often has time increments marked on it. Movable bezels can serve other functions, such as tracking elapsed time. However, bezels can also be fixed, meaning they don't move.  The bezel on this watch does not move. 


 Specification (approximate)(1 cm=10 mm≈0.394 inch)

  • Case Diameter approx :40*40*8 mm, 1.6”x1.6”x0.4”
  • Case thickness approx:  4mm, 0.2”
  • Fit Wrist Length approx: 7-8"L
  • Band Width approx: 20mm, 0.8”
  • Band Material: Cork Leather
  • Case Material: Alloy

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