Pendant Cowboy Necklace, by JCInovações, Portugal

Show off your playful, active side with this handmade cowboy style necklace, made from natural, vegan cork cord.

Cork is a natural, durable, renewable, vegan material that makes a distinctive statement paired with anything from jeans to an evening gown.

Size: 16”   Weight: 0.7 oz.

Manufacture Tags: JCInovações, Portugal  Model Number: BJN12

Materials: Cork leather fabric & Zinc Alloy metal beads

Cork is better than leather!  It is a durable, natural, renewable, vegan material with a distinctive appearance and sensual feel.  I wish I could let you experience the sensational feel of cork leather (online) because it has a very pleasing natural fiber feel like no other material I’ve encountered.

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Cork oak bark is renewable because it regenerates itself after extracting the cork from the outer layer of the tree. This process occurs about every 9 years and takes skilled laborers using hand-axes, because it cannot be performed by a machine.

Cork is exceptionally durable, naturally antibacterial, lightweight, moisture and stain resistant. Cork leather fabric is eco-friendly, recyclable and sustainable. There are no animal products used, so it’s also vegan.  It has the durability, look & feel of leather, yet is washable and resists stains and fading.

Care: Rinse with water & mild soap, such as baby shampoo or dish soap.  Rinse again with clean water. Air dry. .

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