Camp Sink Basin

This portable Camp Sink Basin will make campsite kitchen cleanup a breeze!  

Engage the sink plug to retain warm or cold soapy water in the basin while you scrub, and then drain it into a bucket* below to rinse.  

The 11.5" diameter x 6" tall (0.6 oz) Camp Sink Basin fits into most standard 5 gallon or 2.5 gallon buckets* so you can capture the used water for sanitary disposal away from your camping area.

*5 gal bucket not included.  We have not included the 5 gal bucket, because most people already own one, and this way we can keep the price + shipping low.

Combine the Camp Sink Basin with the Camp Sink Faucet, Hands Free to add a water supply you can manually control with your foot! 


Size: 11.5” diameter x 6” height  Weight: 6 oz.

Manufacture Tags: Alioot

Materials: Polypropylene type plastic